In our ongoing commitment to deliver maximum asset recovery to our clients, we have invested in both extensive staff training and specialist equipment. Some of our equipment includes:

BGA Rework Machine
Our BGA Rework system allows us to replace individual components, broken connectors and re-solder dry solder joints. The process involves heating localised sections of the circuit board to an accurately controlled temperature, thus only affecting the required components and not disrupting others.

Ultrasonic Water Bath
A common issue with accidental damage to electronic equipment is contamination through spillage. D&J use an ultrasonic water bath that thoroughly washes circuit boards damaged in this way. By using an ultrasonic bubble technique that penetrates between components, we are often able to recover faulty circuit boards and negate the need for an expensive replacement.

Infrared Reflow Oven
PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) can be diagnosed with poor connections, which are both difficult to identify individually and usually require the replacement of the entire board. With the Infrared Reflow Oven, we can re-flow solder to correct bad solder joints and remove/replace individual faulty components.