Upgrade to an SSD

We offer an upgrade service for your PC or Notebook by upgrading it to a solid state drive. This increases performance in most cases by double the current speed* with regards to boot up times, program response times and reduced maintenance time.

Benefits to you

  • Significantly faster performance
  • User experience stays the same (only faster)
  • Higher ROI (return on investment) for existing machines
  • Reduced environmental impact by not buying new equipment
  • More energy efficient than traditional drives

* Based on internal testing. See our test:

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £95+VAT, which includes the new SSD, labour and the transfer of your existing data. If you require a larger than normal SSD, higher prices may apply. When you fill in the quotation request below, we can tell you if that is the case.

How the service works

  • Contact us with the form below
  • We will send you a quotation
  • If you accept the quote, we will collect the PCs/Notebooks to be upgraded
  • Your data will be transferred from your existing drive to the new SSD
  • We will boot the machine to confirm it works
  • Your computer will then be returned to you